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Used Japanese Engines and Transmissions
We sell engines and transmissions imported directly from Japan.

We've been in business for over 40 years, and have been importing engines from japan for 25 years. We understand that Quality engines and customer satisfaction is what comes first. Our engines have between 50-70k miles. Our reputation for competitive pricing and Quality products separate us from the rest. Come to our Miami, FL facility and see what we have to offer for yourself!

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Why Choose Engines From Japan?

Japan is the land of Auto manufacturers. Japanese automotive excellence is enviable. Japan is the only country in this world with strict automotive laws. Japanese Shaken law which is the strictest vehicle registration law is the reason why so many low mileage Used vehicles and low mileage Japanese Engines & Japanese transmissions are available. This is the single most inspection system which makes vehicle ownership very expensive. The inspection system is to ensure safety and higher standards for Japanese automakers so vehicles are safe on the road. Also there are no aftermarket shops, no repair shops etc. Most of the work is done by dealerships.


Metal Recycling

Helping the environment one piece of scrap at a time! We pay top dollar for all scrap metals. Bring your scrap to us and get paid today! Helping the environment Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

2300 NW 150ST OPA LOCKA 33054

Phone : (305) 685-2550 Fax: (305) 394-6800